Česká přehrada

The Czech reservoir

The Czech basin can be conveniently used to build a giant reservoir, only a relatively small levee is needed. The resulting lake will span most of the current land of Bohemia.

The most prominent use of the reservoir is a hydroelectric storage plant; it can accumulate solar energy during summer and provide electricity to the entire Europe all the winter. Several other positive effects are also spotted: there will be no more problems with droughts and there are new opportunities for ship transportation.

Technical data

Elevation490 m ASL
Surface area30 152 km2 / 3 015 200 ha38 % of the Czech Republic; 30 times Three Gorges Dam
Volume6 216 km3160 times Three Gorges Dam
Average depth206 m
Max depth375 m
Length270 km 
Accumulating dam
Gross stored energy
potential energy
relative to sea level
13 EJ (exajoule) / 3 Gt TNTtotal production of electrical energy in the United States
Expected net energy
assume 50% efficiency
2 PWh170 Chernobyl NPP⋅years

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